A Checklist for Successful Interior Design


Whether you hire the best interior designer, or decide to tackle the job yourself, you ought to be aware of the ingredients of a successful project, and there are many, by the way. The first and foremost requirement is a tangible concept, an idea of how the interior would look, and without this, there is little that can be done. If the client has no real idea of a theme or concept, then the designer would show a few examples, and this normally invokes a positive response, and from that, the designer can build. If you are about to hire an interior designer, here is a checklist of essential ingredients for a successful project.

  • The Overall Concept – It might be modern, contemporary, or even futuristic, but there must be a look that you are trying to create. Most people are not able to visualise a space in a controlled manner, and this is one of the essential skills a good interior designer would have. If, for example, you contacted interior design companies in London, they would all begin with your concept and ideas, and then a budget would be agreed upon, and only then can the interior designer get to work.
  • Co-ordination – A typical project would involve quite a few services, and ideally, there would be a project manager, whose job it is to ensure the plasterers arrive at the right time, and the electricians are on site when the HVAC system arrives. Ideally, the interior designer would have his own team of guys, and because they work together on a daily basis, they are able to achieve goals and keep to tight deadlines and budgets.
  • Adequate Resources – An interior designer is only as good as their available resources, and if you were to use an established interior design company, they would have all the necessary resources to handle even the largest of projects. Aside from their regular team that handle all building services, they would have access to landscaping, security and would deal with all necessary local authority permissions. Sourcing the right furniture, for example, would demand an extensive list of commercial outlets, which would save the client money, as they are able to procure at lower than retail prices. That dream kitchen won’t cost as much as you think if the appliances are ordered by the design company, and with trade prices on everything, you are getting the best of both worlds.
  • Budget Focused – It would be great to give the designer a blank cheque, yet this rarely occurs, and for most of us, budget is an issue. A down to earth interior designer would help their client to cut corners without compromising anything, and once a budget is agreed, that figure would not be exceeded, unless, of course, the client wishes for some alterations, which is often the case.

Unless you are experienced in this field, hiring a professional will not only give you a great concept, the entire project will be managed from start to finish, and with several experts in your corner, the outcome is likely to exceed your expectations.

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