A Guide to Essential Home Maintenance


If you are new to the home owning experience, there are many essential maintenance tasks that must be carried out, if you want your home to remain in tip top condition, that is. A typical house is a complex arrangement of utility supplies and waste water pipes, and with the structure itself, there are things to do on a regular basis. Here are just a few of the things you need to do in order to keep your home in good order.

  • The Roof – In many ways, the roof is the most important component of any structure, as it protects and shelters against the elements. Yu guttering is crucial, as it provides a channel for excess rainwater, so you do need to clean out the guttering frequently. This is a messy job and also a dangerous one, but there are companies that specialise in cleaning out guttering. If your home is in Western Australia, for example, there is affordable gutter cleaning in Perth, and if you have them visit on a regular basis, your guttering will never overflow. This service would also incorporate other roof maintenance, such as replacing broken or missing roof tiles.
  • Drains – Your drains have to deal with a vast range of debris that somehow manages to find its way into the system. Starting with your guttering and working down to the ground level drain, there should be a series of grills to ensure that nothing of any substance gets into the drainage system. If you have regular gutter cleaning and suitable grills in place, your drains will never be blocked, and a blocked drain can be the start of something more serious.
  • Plumbing –The system of pumps, pipes and valves that carry water to various locations in the house need to be regularly inspected. This is preventative maintenance, as any water leak or burst pipe can cause serious damage and by carrying out a detailed physical inspection, you can see the start of pipe corrosion before it does any damage. Of course, even with the best maintenance in the world, things can, and do, go wrong. A burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom is a nightmare scenario, and having the number of an emergency plumber is a must.
  • Exterior Walls – The four exterior walls bear the brunt of the extreme weather, and to be realistic, one cannot expect any surface to withstand this, unless it is treated. Most homes are painted, and if the paint is a high quality product that is suitable for the climate, you can expect to repeat the painting process every other year. Even stone or concrete gets grimy, and with a water pressure cleaner, you can make the front of your home look like new. Texture coating offers an alternative to paint, and as it is waterproof and stretched with movement, your home is virtually sealed against the elements.

If you have covered all of the above, you are not completely in the clear, as many other things might need attention from time to time, and with regular inspections, you can quickly deal with anything before it causes damage.

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