Aluminium Slat Fences Ensure Privacy at a Reasonable Cost


Do you want to install a perimeter fence or boundary that is robust and sturdy, yet stylishly elegant? Then an aluminium slat fence is a product that you should include in your home improvement plans. Slat fences can be installed vertically or horizontally, and offer security to your business establishment or home.

Reviewing the Benefits

The following benefits will help you better decide if an aluminium slat fence is the right type of fencing to install on your property.

Custom-built to Your Specifications

Slat fences may be customised to meet your space needs and slat size requirements. The fences can be designed to permit visual control outside and within a property. The design of the slats can also be matched to complement the site where the fence is placed. For example, thin slats with wide spaces give you an enhanced view from the outside of a property. If you are installing the fence in your backyard, then full panels offer more privacy.

A Complimentary Upgrade for Any Style Architecture

The position of a slat increases a property’s artistic flair and appearance. While vertical slats resemble picket fences, horizontal placements complement contemporary architectural designs.

A Wide Selection of Colours         

Because slat fencing is powder-coated, you can choose a colour that will coordinate well with your home’s design. Powder coating is more resilient than conventional paints, which makes it last for a much longer time.

Easy Coordination with Other Security Products

The Mandurah fencing you choose can be coordinated with a gate. This way, you can enjoy the maximum in security.

No Corrosion or Rust

Aluminium slat fencing will not rust or fade over time. The durable fence looks the same long after it is installed.

A Reduced Cost

Slat fences are less expensive than steel or iron fences.

Low Maintenance Requirements

You do not need to repaint the fences due to their powder-coated finish.

Increased Security

An aluminium fence is made so security is increased.

A Recyclable Product

Slat fences made of aluminium are recyclable, making this type of fence an eco-friendly choice.

Resilient to Weather Extremes

You can use this type of fence in all kinds of environments. Therefore, this slat fence product can be installed in a variety of climates. The fence is not vulnerable to extremely cold or wet conditions. Also, the UV rays of the sun will not damage it.

Installed or DIY Options

You can have the fence installed or make it one of your do-it-yourself installation projects.

Available in a Range of Sizes

Fences of this type are usually available in such sizes as 38mm x 19mm, 68mm x 19mm, or 100mm x 19mm.

Ideal for Coastal Areas in Australia

If you live in a coastal area in Australia, then an aluminium slat designed fence is an ideal selection. The fence can stand up to the environmental extremes, as well as salt-spray and winds.

Made-to-Order Selections

You can choose infill panels, access gates, double gates, and sliding gates for use with your fence. Variations are featured in two-tone designs, powder-coated styles, and wood grain finishes, all with a long-life guarantee for performance and stability.


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