Benefits of bringing in nature in office design – Biophilic is the new style


Aristotle had said that in all things of nature, there is something that is marvelous. There are many who feel tranquil and calm when they’re surrounded by beautiful scenes because there is a sense of peace which takes over and lets go of all the tension. With our evolution, we have been distancing ourselves from nature and this makes it even more important to reconnect. This is particularly true in urban areas. Is there any solution?

Biophilic design is said to be the key solution to the problem of reducing contact with nature and this involved creating areas within homes and offices with natural elements. Read on to know more about this kind of designing philosophy.

A look at the statistics

As per a study called the Global Impact of Biophilic Design polled 7800 employees throughout 18 countries, it was found out that people who work in areas which have got natural features report 18% better levels of overall wellbeing. The respondents feel 6% more productive and 20% more creative while they’re working.

In spite of these statistics, there are few organizations which embrace the Biophilic designing elements to their workplaces. It is in fact alarming to note that 48% of the companies still don’t have access to natural light and 60% don’t have plants surrounding their work environment.

The sound, look and feel of Biophilic design

What is it that an office should take into account while bringing about major changes to their office design? Regardless of whether your office is undergoing a major overhaul or you’re building the space from the scratch, there are few vital areas that you should focus on.

  • Greenery: Installing potted plants can be a great way to start but you needn’t stop there are flower gardens and living walls can make an amazing impact
  • Windows: Make the design of the space in such a manner that it maximizes the entry of sunlight and so that you can get a clear view of nature
  • Air: Operable windows should be provided wherever it is possible. In case this is not a feasible option, make sure you have perfect air flow
  • Patterns and forms: The patterns and forms should be integrated properly like leaf outlines or honeycomb outlines
  • Texture: Utilize varying concrete, wood grains and brick. Make sure you paint walls and select textiles which use colors that are natural in color
  • Water: Try adding a water feature as the sound and appearance of water can bring in feelings of serenity and calmness
  • Physical connection: If there is enough space there, make sure you design an outdoor sanctuary where employees can stay, like for example a staff garden or a rooftop patio

Lastly, the mental benefits of Biophilic designed offices are worth mentioning. Whenever the surroundings of an office meet the biological desires, your stress level reduces, creativity flows, motivation boosts and there is also a sudden improvement to your concentration abilities.

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