Boiler Maintenance 101 – How to Keep Your Boiler Running Smoothly


Boilers are commonly used in commercial buildings and houses all over the United Kingdom. During the winter season, most people keep their boilers running around the clock. As its name suggests, the boiler is an appliance that is designed to heat up water. Boilers are available in many different shapes and sizes, and also use different kinds of fuels. Some boilers require electricity, while others rely on gas to run. Regardless of the type of boiler that you own, it’s important that you understand some key things about maintaining it. Taking some simple steps could go a long way in increasing the useful life of your boiler.

Basic Maintenance Tips

  • At least once a year, you should call a company that specialises in boilers – servicing, replacements and repairs in Berkshire to thoroughly inspect and service your boiler.
  • Keep an eye on the pressure levels of the boiler, and if you feel that they are getting too high, shut the boiler off and call a repair company.
  • Replace your boiler after every five to six years of heavy use, as the boiler will continue to lose its efficiency over time.

Other Issues

There are numerous issues that can arise within a boiler, most of which are related to certain components malfunctioning, such as the thermostat or the pilot. Over the boiler’s lifespan, you will need to have a few components replaced outright to ensure that the boiler continues to perform optimally and doesn’t cause any major problems.

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