Common Tennis Court Maintenance Problems & Ways to Resolve It


Just like every other structure, your tennis court requires maintenance at some point in time, this maintenance will ensure that the court is in good shape for tennis games.

The maintenance routine involves a once in a month cleaning of the tennis court by blowing or sweeping thus eliminating the accumulation of leaves, pine needles or other forms of dirt that could hamper the safety of your tennis court.

There are common tennis court problems that if not properly taken care of can seriously disrupt the efficiency of the court. These include the following:

  1. Algae, Mould, and Mildew

These pose a serious problem not just to tennis courts but buildings in general. However, in tennis courts, their impact is extremely dangerous to players. Algae, mold, and mildew on a tennis court can cause unexpected slipping and slide due to the traction of the players’ shoes. Meanwhile, to eliminate algae, mold, and mildew on a tennis court you will have to make use of a highly effective cleaning solution.

  1. Birdbaths

Birdbath refers to a puddle of water that is found in any area of the tennis court. Birdbaths are as a result of incorrect paving during the construction of the tennis court.

  1. Bubbles

Bubbles are also one of the common problems of a tennis court. Also known as “blisters”, there are those soft humps that you can see on concrete base tennis court surface. Bubbles are caused by inadequate surface drainage.

  1. Rust Spots

Rust spots are found on tennis courts as a result of the wetness of pyrites which itself is the constituent elements of the asphalt used in the construction of tennis courts.

  1. Depression

Depressions are also common problems that are associated with tennis courts. Depressions are those noticeable low spots on the tennis court surface. Depressions are caused by the non-compacted underground earth.

  1. Hairline Crack

These are narrow cracks that are found on the tennis court surface. These cracks come up as a result of earth tremors, land erosion, quake impact, etc.

  1. Discoloration of the court’s surface.

Discoloration of tennis court surface is as a result of direct exposure to the sun exposure and also due to prolonged use of the court without maintenance.

  1. Cracking

This problem is mostly seen on asphalt and concrete base tennis courts. Cracking happens when the court gets old and experienced lots of foot traffic, it then results in brittle over time.

If your tennis court is experiencing any of these highlighted common problems, you will have to take concrete measures towards solving them by carrying out a scheduled maintenance that should involve the following:

  • Control of the underground earth compaction levels by professionals.
  • Removal of mold and algae growth.
  • Cleaning and grooming of the court.
  • Correcting the sand level.
  • Repainting the court and other minor repairs.

In conclusion, Proper maintenance of your tennis court will always keep it in good shape.

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