Conservatories – The Most Common Home Improvement


Conservatories are the UK’s most common home improvement, they are seen on a range of different properties from terraced houses, to semi-detached properties and fully detached, they are seen on a range of different homes (most commonly on either the side or the rear of the property) and they come in a range of different shapes and sizes.

What Are The Reasons Conservatories Are So Popular?

There are various reasons for the popularity of conservatories, these include but are not limited to:

a) They are generally cheaper to build than other home improvements, conservatories usually cost a fraction of what it would cost for a to storey extension or a basement conversion.
b) They are also usually faster to build than other kinds of home improvement, for example a loft conversion can take around 6-12 weeks, (basement conversions even longer) and home extensions depend purely on the size and scale of the plans for the extension, but as a general rule, conservatories tend to the be quickest and most efficient build projects.
c) Although usually more simple than other types of home extensions, conservatories can be very versatile, they can be used for a range of purposes, anything from home libraries or study rooms, to sitting rooms or greeneries, there are a range of different uses for a conservatory.
d) They are often very beautiful to look at both inside and out, there is a certain elegance about many conservatory designs and it is possible to make a conservatory into a showpiece that greatly enhances a property.
e) Conservatories can increase the saleability of the house, helping to encourage potential buyers to purchase a property that is being sold due to the added space and versatility.
f) They can also increase the overall value of a home, it is common that these particular types of home improvement can increase the value of a home by £10,000s so there are multiple reasons why people should consider a conservatory.

Steps To Getting The Perfect Conservatory Built:

(1) Planning – First you will need the services of an architect in order to advise you on what type of extension would be best for your home, potential customers can begin by communicating clearly with the architect about their goals and aspirations for their conservatory, this can be taken down as information and put into an actionable plan ready for the builders.
(2) Looking for quality, reliable builders – You should seek out the services of high quality reputable conservatory builders to complete your project to the highest standard. A good way to start your search is online, if you look for companies’ with a good reputation online, perhaps search for some reviews and other positive feedback from previous customers, this will give you a good indication of whether or not the companies’ you are looking at are a good choice for your project.
(3) Once you have found the conservatories’ builder – Once the build is underway it is just a case of monitoring the build itself and liaising with the builders to ensure that the conservatory is being built according to plan, this should be relatively straightforward if there are clear plans in place, clarity of planning is the most critical element to ensure the building phase runs as smoothly as possible.

Should you decide to have a conservatory built, look for a company that offers a free no obligation quote before beginning any projects, this is handy because it means you can have a “no strings attached quote” enabling you to make an informed decision on proceedings.

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