Cost Effective Winter Heating Solutions


If you live in the United Kingdom, the winter blues are something you have to encounter every year. The all too short summer usually passes with its fair share of rain, and after a few weeks of autumn, the cold weather arrives, right on time. Of course, we have the central heating, but it does seem a waste of energy to heat the entire house, when the occupants are in the living room. There are cost-effective solutions in the shape of a living room fireplace, and with a choice of either electric, gas, or a wood burning appliance, heating the main area of the home is no longer an issue.

Added Benefits

It isn’t just comfortable temperatures that a fireplace provides, as it also gives the homeowner an opportunity to redesign the room and brighten things up a little. Modern fireplaces can add real depth and character to a room, and with energy efficient appliances, your heating bills will never be alarming again. If you source the right supplier, you can be sure of a first class installation, and if your home is in the North of England, there are affordable electric fireplaces in Yorkshire from an established company that prides itself in a second to none service.

Design Choices

A fireplace is more than just an efficient heating appliance, and if you have the space, extending both sides will give you a focal item in the living room, and with the combination of stone and timber, one can create something unique that adds character to the home. Typically, an established supplier would also be able to carry out any building alterations, and with their design expertise, they might surprise you by suggesting something unique. If you would like to know more about cost-effective home heating, an online search should reveal the whereabouts of a local supplier who can quote a fair price for a comprehensive solution.

Power Options

Although electric fires are popular, there are gas powered appliances that are equally efficient, and if you prefer a more natural fuel source, a wood burning stove would be ideal. Each has its own advantages, so it is really down to personal preferences, but either way, your main living area will always be warm and inviting.

Flush Fireplaces

Ideal for the modern home, these can be sunk into the wall, and with stylish glass doors and a natural looking flame, the flush wall fireplace is a real space saver and by using the very best quality appliance, you can be sure of many years of trouble-free service.

Choice of Effects

There are 3 main effect features to choose from, which are:

  1. Burning Logs
  2. Hot Coals
  3. Pebble Stones

All exude a natural warmth and a comforting glow, and with expert installation, safety is assured.

If you would like to have an evenly warm temperature throughout the main living area in a cost effective way, a fireplace is the ideal solution, and with the right design, your living room will be the talk of the neighbourhood.


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