Fireplace Quick Guide: Electric Stoves


If you’re looking for a way to help supplement heating in your home, you may have considered alternative heating. One of the best ways to help heat your home is with a fireplace or electric stoves. In particular, electric stoves are great for kicking out a lot of heat. You can keep your home extra toasty in the colder months of the year with the help of an electric stove.

Electric stoves are not the only stove option, however. There are also wood-burning and gas stove heating options as well. But electric stoves in East Yorkshire are one of the best options for the environment and your wallet. They offer all of the realism of a wood-burning stove without the emissions or potential hazards.

How They Work

Electric stoves have two basic functions. They put out electric heat and create a realistic flame effect. The flames are created through a combination of LED lights and polished metal. The LED lights shine in random patterns to mimic a flame’s flicker. Then, the light reflects off the metal fingers and glass to create a three-dimensional flame effect. The flames can be so very realistic that you may be hesitant to touch the glass!

The second basic function of electric stoves is the heat portion. There are metal coils inside of the system that are heated to the desired temperature. Then, the heat radiates from the coils to heat up your room. There is also a built-in fan that helps to distribute the heat as well. However, the fan is so quiet that you won’t hear it, which helps to make the fireplace seem more realistic.


  • Uncomplicated Use: You won’t need to chop any firewood or anything. With an electric stove, all you’ll need is an electrical source to heat your home. You’ll also be able to enjoy the aesthetics of a burning fire without the mess or emissions. This is good for the environment and good for you as well.
  • No Need for Vents or a Chimney: Since electric stoves don’t release emissions, you won’t need to have a chimney to own and operate one.
  • Cool to the Touch: Electric stoves are cool to the touch. If you have children or pets, this means that your electric stove will be completely safe for them to be around.
  • Effective and Energy Efficient: Electric stoves are also highly effective in heating your home. They can heat large spaces easily. Also, they are energy efficient as well so you’ll save money on heating too.

How to Choose

  • Budget: First, always make sure to choose a unit that’s affordable. Create a budget to work within before you start looking. This way you’ll be able to choose an electric stove that’s affordable.
  • Style: There are many styles to choose from and it all comes down to personal preference. Also, look out for features that you feel you may need or want from your electric stove.
  • Energy Efficiency: Always check a unit’s energy efficiency rating before you buy. The better the rating, the more efficient the electric stove will be and the less you’ll spend on heating costs.

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