Furniture Issues – Replace or Restore


Whether your furniture is antique or contemporary, both carry a hefty price tag, and like most things, you only get what you pay for with furniture. This is one of the reasons why most homeowners go high end when choosing furniture, as quality is essential if you want the item to last for many years. The furniture itself would be very well made, and generally, any damage would be to the surface, in the form of scratches, dents, and even discolouration. In a busy household, the living room furniture would gradually decline over the years, until you reach the point when it is time to think about replacing it. Actually, it doesn’t have to be that way at all, and with skilled craftsmen who can repair and restore all types of furniture, it can soon be looking like new.

Upholstery Issues

The majority of furniture issues are fabric related, as the upholstery has to bear the brunt of the wear and tear, and whether it is fabric or leather, certain areas will begin to fade, and this makes the piece look old and uninspiring. Other than the upholstery, and a few scratches here and there, the item is in perfect condition, so rather than replace the item, having it restored is a more cost-effective solution, as it will certainly be cheaper than a replacement. Re-upholstering services are few and far between, but there is Kendal Restoration in London, who offer a wide range of special services for fine furniture, and they service the entire Home Counties. They would have thousands of fabric samples to view, and if leather is your thing, an extensive selection would give you ample choice.

Designer Furniture

If your home incorporates a modern look, you might have some beautiful designer furniture, and in case of any damage, it is comforting to know that the same people who work on antique furniture, can also repair modern items. Accidental damage, even extensive, can possibly be repaired, but ideally, the experts would need to view the item in question, before they can ascertain if repair is possible.

Extending the Life

If a three piece suite lasts for ten years, most homeowners would be happy with that, and look for a replacement, yet very often, the damage or wear is only on the surface, and that means it can be restored to its former glory. Restoring your furniture could actually double its lifespan, and if you are happy with the design and overall look, why not restore? After all, it is a much cheaper option than replacing, and if the work is carried out by experts, you can rest assured it will last for many years.

Once an item of furniture has been placed, it is much less likely to suffer damage, and a majority of the damage occurs while relocating. Moving heavy and bulky items through doorways and down stairs can easily result in a scratch or chip, and this is the perfect time to call in the restoration experts.


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