How Can A Building Surveyor Help With Your Next Project?


If you are looking to build an extension or a new building on your property, it is crucial to abide by all of the rules and regulations. Though some people flout the rules, this can cause problems down the track if they should ever decide to sell their property on the market.

What Do Surveyors Do?

Did you know the land surveyors have been around for hundreds of years? Though the technology has changed considerably, survey work has always been conducted to ensure that a site is sound enough for the erection of a structure.

So, how can modern building surveyors in Dorking help you with your next building or extension project? Consider the following:

  • Rules and regulations: It is necessary to get the right permissions and abide by the rules when it comes to erecting new buildings on a property or building extensions, whether it is residential or commercial. A surveyor can measure all existing structures accurately, thus providing evidence to local councils and planning authorities.
  • Measurements: At the most fundamental level, survey work is about gathering measurements in order to ensure accurate plans. This will also ensure that neighbouring properties are not infringed upon.

Modern Tools for the Modern Day

Modern surveyors use lasers and computers to make sure that their measurements are accurate. Unlike the early surveyors who had to rely on the accuracy of more primitive instruments and their eyes, modern surveyors are backed by the sort of high technology that results in accuracy down to the millimetre.



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