How Can a Stonemason Help Restore or Improve Your Property?


Stonemasonry is an ancient trade that dates back to ancient times. In fact, the use of stone in human building has been with us for all of recorded history and certainly well beyond this! Such is the beauty, strength, and durability of stone that even ancient stone monuments such as Stonehenge and the great Pyramids of Egypt are still standing strong today! In stone, we have a beautiful and natural material that has enabled humans to build shelter and monuments to the gods for millennia.

What Do Stonemasons Do?

Despite being an ancient trade, modern stonemasons provide a wide range of modern services for property owners of all types. Here are just some of the things that a company providing good-quality and affordable stonemasonry in Ayrshire can do:

  • Restoration: There are a great many old and heritage-listed buildings around the country that are made of stone or have significant stone walls and decorative elements. Even though stone is strong and durable, it will erode naturally over time, depending on the type of stone used. It is also common for stones to break at times or go missing. Stonemasons can help to choose stones as replacements and provide point work that will restore the cement used to its former glory.
  • Decorative Elements: Whether you are looking to have a chimney repaired, a decorative relief installed, or a new entranceway built, a stonemason can build all of these elements to the highest-possible craftsmanship.

An Ancient Trade Made Modern

While ever we appreciate the raw natural beauty of stone and use it in our buildings and monuments, there will always be a need for professional stonemasons with plenty of skill and experience.



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