How Do Home Security Systems Work And Why Are They Important?


Just as their name suggests, these are devices that contain components which work together to keep homes secure against intrusion. The main reason why people install home security systems is to secure entry points such as doors and windows. These systems are also used in areas where valuable items are stored. Research has shown that homes that do not have security systems are more prone to burglary compared to homes with installed home security systems. This means that if you have not already done it, you should consider installing a home security system.

How does the system work?

Let us have a look at the main components of a home security system and how they work together to form a functional system:

1.      Sensors

There are two types of sensors: door and window sensors and motion sensors. The door and window sensors have two parts that come together to complete the circuit when the door or window is shut. When either of these is opened without disarming the system, the alarm goes off.

Motion sensors usually create an invisible zone that surrounds a particular protected space. If breached, an alarm is sounded and the monitoring company is notified.

2.      Control Panels

Basically, this is a computer that is used to arm and disarm the system. When the secured zone is breached, the control panel communicates with all the installed components and causes the alarm to go off. The panel also features a touchpad where the user enters the passcode.

3.      Alarms

The alarms should be loud enough so that they alert the homeowners about the security breach and also be heard by the neighbors. In most cases when the alarm sounds, the burglar runs off.

4.      Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras can either be wired or wireless. They are used to monitor entry points and distant areas around the property that hard to see.

These cameras come in handy for homeowners who are out of town and would still like to monitor their home remotely. 

5.      Signs and Stickers

These play an important role in the overall security of your home. For example, when you place a sign in your front yard or a sticker on a window, the burglars will be alerted that your home is being monitored. The burglars will most likely just walk away.

Why do I need a home security system installed?

Generally, a home security system is designed to provide protection against predictable threats. Here are some of the reasons why you should install a home security system:

                                i.            You are able to remotely manage your house. The systems can be armed and disarmed from wherever you are in the world.

                              ii.            Home security systems protect you from break-in attempts and also alert the authorities about the intrusion.

                            iii.            You will be more at peace knowing that your family is always protected even when you are not around.

                            iv.            You will receive a discount from your insurance company when you install a home security system.

                              v.            There are advanced systems that include carbon monoxide and smoke detection features. These tools are really helpful in preventing deaths.


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