Ideas for Painting a Commercial Building


Deciding on the primary exterior colors for an commercial paint job can be difficult. Even people who are familiar with domestic projects may not be ready to take on a business location, simply because of how starkly different the two are.

Bolder colors can always work well with residential locations, but you might want to look into a more muted approach for your office. Similarly, too much experimentation and variation may be difficult if it is not done absolutely right.

When you are getting started on your commercial building paint job, be sure to keep some of these tips in mind to see what a difference you can make in the future.

Pay Attention to the Size

Neutral color options are often the best choices for commercial buildings simply because of how large those buildings are.

Not only can neutral colors work better with surrounding buildings, but they are often better chosen as an easy complement to the building’s signage or logo.

Instead of using bold primary colors for the entire building itself, it is a good idea to use colors that could match the colors on the building’s accents, such as the doors and trim.

Before painting, always be sure to take a look at local ordinances and laws as well, as some historic buildings may not be allowed to feature certain bright colors. Know the history of your building and plan accordingly.

Pay Attention to the Architecture

The style and material used in the primary construction can also play a significant role in your color choices and painting style.

Not only should you choose a color palette that matches your business, you should also choose on that matches the style of the building and the exterior materials.

Materials not only affect appearances, but they can also dictate if certain products should be used. A wood exterior requires different paint products than a concrete one, and a concrete one requires different options than a stucco one.

The right choice in paint will not only cling to the building better, but it can also be paramount in reducing future damage.

Look at Surroundings of the Building

In addition to keeping company graphics in mind, it is important for painters to consider the surrounding environment as well. Look at the buildings around your business location and choose colors that can complement them.

Muted and neutral colors almost always work best, but that does not mean that you need to forego color entirely. Some of the best neutral tones include an iconic splash of color, such as dark green or sky blue.

Take a look at the surrounding accents as well. What colors are the walkways and driveways? What kind of atmosphere do you want to set up for the building?

Match the Interior

Once you have the exterior handled, be sure to plan ahead for the interior. One of the best ways to do this is to transition elegantly from the external colors to the internal ones.

You can use brighter elements on the interior, but, like always, be sure to mix and match tones according to the feeling you want to convey.

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