Letting Your House on Rent- How Can an Estate Agent be of Help


Letting your house on rent is obviously a risky decision. If you don’t carefully vet the tenants, and choose the right party, they can cause a great deal of damage to your place. Obviously, the law provides adequate protection to tenants as well as the landlords. Many people try to find a party on their own. Naturally, that’s not a wise move. In some regions, it’s not even allowed. You have to process the move through a letting agent. A letting agent is a professional who deals in real estate. Here are just some of the many ways that the letting agent can be of assistance.

Helping You Find a Decent Party

Reputable letting agents in West Sussex can offer a wide range of services. The main service that they offer is to help people find a good letting party. These experts are professionals at what they do, and will ask about your requirements before looking for tenants. They will ask if you are fine with a family or if you just prefer a single guy for the place. You don’t want to let your place to a party that’s going to cause a lot of damage. The letting agents will help you find decent tenants for your property.

Drawing up the Documents

Another advantage of working with letting agents is that they will draw up all the relevant documents needed to confirm the tenancy. They will arrange a meeting between both parties and will draw up the relevant contracts. Once the contract has been signed, all you have to do is discuss the details of the tenancy with the party, and any other things that you may have thought of. The letting agents will charge a small commission for helping you let your place out.


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