Lightweight, Decorative Wall Panels Offer Affordable Custom Designs


Building renovations and remodelling are great ways for an owner to create a new space in any home, retail shop, or hospitality establishment. Taking on a renovation or remodelling project can be expensive and time consuming, taking away from your ability to enjoy your space or serve your customers. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to update your space with a new, customised look, an architectural wall panel may be for you. These decorative, lightweight surfacing panels give you the ability to enhance your home or establishment’s walls, ceilings, bar fronts, entrances, or exterior entertaining spaces without the expense and hassle of a major building improvement project.

What Are Lightweight Surfacing Panels?

Lightweight surfacing panels are uniquely designed architectural wall panels that are fabricated from lightweight composite materials to provide three-dimensional texture and features to any indoor or outdoor space where you want to present a customised, stylish appearance. Each panel is individually manipulated by hand during production and finishing to make it unique with an organic quality that results in a custom, hand-crafted appearance. Surfacing panels provide owners with a versatile exterior or interior design feature that can be used to keep spaces updated with the most current classic or contemporary look. Ease of installation, high durability, and low maintenance make surfacing panels a cost effective alternative to more conventional building materials such as wood, stone, or concrete.

A Wide Range of Versatile Applications

Designer wall surfacing panels are suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. They are ideal for enhancing interior surfaces such as fireplace surrounds and foyer or entrance walls, as well as residential features such as bedroom headboards, cladding for room divider walls, or as a three-dimensional alternative to interior wallpaper or paint. They can be used in hospitality establishments for ceilings, hallways, feature walls, outdoor eating space surrounds, or bar front cladding. Decorative surfacing panels also offer retail establishments an affordable means for updating shop fitouts in shopping centres to satisfy leasing terms that require the refreshing of storefronts.

What Styles Are Available?

Decorative panels are available in a multitude of aesthetic styles to replicate hand-carved wood, wood panelling, heavily textured plaster, and a variety of other unique surfaces in a virtually unlimited number of colours. The faux concrete range of panels is available to replicate the raw, unfinished look of industrial concrete, without the weight, expense, and mess of using real concrete. Faux concrete panels can be flexibly fitted around curves and are easily cut to fit any application using a panel saw fitted with a tungsten blade. The faux stone panel range is available in a variety of styles from deep, three-dimensional, textured stone masonry to flat, patterned surfaces designed to imitate marble, limestone, granite, and other stone types.

Low Maintenance Quality

Low maintenance decorative panels are durable, easy to care for, waterproof, non-porous, resistant to mould, and fire-rated. Panels are coloured by integrating the colour dye into the panel composition so that colour won’t be subject to wear, and damage such as chips and scratches won’t be as visible as it would be on surface finished panels.

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