My Slate Roof Needs Repairing, What Should I Do


If your beautiful slate roof is in need of repairs, the first thing you will need to know is that it should be repaired as fast as possible, and before it gets any worse.

Remember That:

  • You might believe that roof repair work isn’t too hard and something which most homeowners can do simply by themselves, by getting up on the roof of their homes
  • Even though really, the majority of good people would be somewhat hesitant at trying to do it on their own.

If you believe that you can go it alone, make sure that you know exactly what steps to undertake, because walking around up there on what may be a windy roof is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea!

In fact, a skilled slate roof repair job is indeed affordable and grants you great peace of mind knowing it has been undertaken by experts.

Can it be repaired easily?

  • The first thing you should do is to find out if the repair work can indeed be carried out by yourself
  • If the roof is not that old, wind damage or bad design may just be the root of the problem
  • Don’t forget that winds do not have to be blowing at hurricane speed to inflict damage on a roof

In fact, winds with gusts of only up to 80 kph or more, can pull on shingles and loosen fasteners.

If it’s a Big Job, You May Want to leave it

  • But not to get worse! If the issue has anything to do with poor design, you really shouldn’t try doing it alone.

If you repair the roof, but not the problem itself, it will happen again and again, in which case it’s in your best interests to consult with specialists who know how to deal with a slate roof in Sydney. These specialists can properly examine your roof and then professionally deal with whatever needs fixing.

Design Problems are commonly those of:

  • Weak support structures not able to support the roof’s weight
  • Not enough drainage (which then causes water to collect on the roof)
  • Lack of due care during construction for expansion and contraction in the decking

Maintenance is a Must

  • Should yours be an older type of roof, the problem may have occurred as a result of normal daily weather conditions.
  • And remember that some upkeep is required to ensure that your roof stays in good shape

If no care is administered, roofing materials will begin to degrade, which then lets moisture and dirt enter your home.

Get it Professionally Seen To

The most vital thing to consider regarding any type of repair work is actually pretty simple. Whatever the problem is, be it a leak or a gaping hole, it’s best to wait until any bad weather days have passed prior to trying out any kind of repairs.

And if that repair job of yours looks too difficult to take on, just simply call in the professionals, and get it fixed by experts.

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