Pave the Way for Outdoor Areas: Making Living Spaces Flow Seamlessly


Australian properties today are not just confined to indoor rooms and living areas. Many homeowners are now integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces, especially for entertaining guests and hanging out with family and friends. Outdoor areas like decks provide more spaces for relaxing and hosting parties and events, as well as opportunities to enjoy good weather.

Indoor-outdoor rooms are popular, as these combine two living spaces. Most rooms are designed with comfort in mind, with common elements like exterior shutters, outdoor cushions, and sun lounges for a beach house look and feel. Some, on the other hand, have timber decking, which has shading, overhead lighting, as well as contemporary outdoor furniture. Others, meanwhile, have an alfresco kitchen and dining area, which can be built in the garden or added onto an indoor-outdoor room.

Functional Throughout the Year

It is normal to think that outdoor areas are just for summer or when the weather is nice. While these spaces are mostly for entertaining guests and families, it is a good idea to install heaters or outdoor fireplaces to make the area functional throughout the entire year. Furthermore, there is nothing quite like a nice fire outside during winters to warm your bones and roast a marshmallow on.

More Space for Everyone

Another great thing about having an outdoor living area is that it can make things flow seamlessly, especially when you’re hosting an event or a party. Integrating indoor and outdoor areas provides more space, and people will not get crowded in a little area. Some guests can stay inside, while others can mingle or talk outside.  Even with this set-up guests can feel like they are sharing a single, large room.

Invest in the Right Furniture

If you’re considering extending your living space or renovating an outdoor living area, it is best to make it pleasing and low maintenance. Choosing the right outdoor furniture is of utmost importance, as you need to pick materials that can withstand the elements outside. Depending on the design and layout of the space, you can add stone and concrete tables and chairs, wicker furniture, or comfortable lounges and sofas.

Your Ideal Outdoor Dining

If you, for instance, are looking to have an outside dining area, be sure to invest in a quality barbecue grill. This can add more value to any alfresco dining experience. If budget permits, you can take it to another level by mounting a TV and installing an outdoor heating and cooling system. The outdoor dining area can be basic with a sink, cooker, and oven, or a lavish space with stainless steel grill and refrigerator, complete with outdoor dining furniture.

The Benefit and Charm of an Outdoor Pool

Outdoor pools can add charm to the space and extend the outdoor living area. If you already have a pool, be sure to invest in oversized umbrellas and outdoor sun lounges. If you don’t have one, you can consider building a pool. It doesn’t have to be large, a freeform swimming pool that complements the design and layout of your backyard is enough.

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