Scaffolding Rentals Make Jobs Easier and Safer


If you are going to be performing work on your home and need the safety and security that scaffolding provides, renting the necessary equipment from an expert company will save you both time and money while ensuring that you and all of your workers are as safe as possible while completing your home renovations. Scaffolding is important if you will be working on a second or third floor of your home, as well as if you will be performing chimney repairs. It’s not worth leaving your health and safety up to chance when you can rent scaffolding equipment and ensure that you will be safe.

Bespoke Services

Home repairs are never the same from one house to the next, and scaffolding shouldn’t be either. Renting scaffolding that fits your challenges and is custom installed to meet your needs will keep you safe. Instead of trying to rig up some sort of scaffolding on your own, talking to the Abee Hire scaffolding experts and working with them on your project instead will help you rent the highest quality scaffolding that is available. Don’t sacrifice quality for cost, and make sure to work with a company that can deliver great quality while keeping your costs as low as possible.


Having scaffolding around your home while you are working on a project can be unsightly, and there are permits and paperwork you will have to complete to be allowed to have this around your home. If you don’t fill out the paperwork correctly, you can face legal issues. Let the experts help you with filling out and filing your necessary permits. Remember: anything that blocks a pathway or road requires a permit, and obtaining these can be very time consuming. Don’t lose time on your project by trying to wade through government tape when a quality scaffolding company can help you.

No Job Too Big or Small

While you may feel safe crawling around on your roof to access your chimney, simply renting and erecting a small scaffolding tower will make the job much easier. You’ll be able to traverse the scaffolding with necessary tools and equipment, and not have to worry about dropping anything expensive or falling. Large jobs are also significantly easier with scaffolding, especially if you have a crew of people working. Ladders are not nearly as sturdy as scaffolding, and with a lot of people going up and down, you are more likely to have an accident.

Don’t delay the start of your home improvement project because you are trying to erect your own DIY scaffolding, or are too bogged down trying to fill out paperwork to get the correct permits. Once your project is planned and you know that you will need scaffolding, getting it erected and ready to go can keep you on your tight time line, saving you money in the end. There’s no need to risk bodily harm when working on your home repairs; quality scaffolding experts are available to help you, no matter your needs.

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