Service Your Boiler Annually


Some homeowners question whether or not they must have their boilers serviced regularly; the truth of the matter is that choosing not to do so may put the health and safety of the household at risk. The men and women who provide such servicing are highly skilled at their work and are able to spot the signs of trouble quickly so that you may ready yourself for the inevitable day when you must replace your boiler for a newer model. Modern boilers are more efficient and less likely to break down quickly and a regular service will ensure that you keep yours working for the maximum estimated lifespan or perhaps even a year or two longer.


When contacting professionals to ask about work on boilers – servicing, replacements and repairs in NG2, you must first take into account that their work is designed to keep you and your family safe from potential danger. A faulty boiler may begin to release a toxic gas known as carbon monoxide (CO) and about 4,000 people every year rush to A&E due to carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty boilers. A boiler engineer qualified for the position will know how to ensure that no such faults exist or develop so long as you ensure that he or she comes to your property for regular professional servicing.

Lower Bills

A regularly maintained and serviced boiler will continue to run at maximum efficiency so long as you keep up the regimen, which will in turn keep your monthly bills lower than they may be without such actions. A fully qualified professional will take every action possible to ensure that your boiler is not only working properly but is also making the best use of your energy so as to keep your monthly bills at a reasonable price. If you do experience a sudden or steady increase in your monthly energy bills, you may be facing the need for replacement.

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