Should You Buy a Custom Iron Bed?


There’s a good chance you’ve had a cheap bed from a big box store at least once in your life. If it was made of wood or pressboard, it probably fell apart the first time you tried to move it. If it was one of the simple metal bedframes that interlock, it probably rattled and jiggled noisily all night long. Those beds are incredibly easy to put together and move, but they’re noisy and they’re unstable. They’re not very attractive, nor are they very reliable. Your best bet is to invest in a high-quality bed that will serve your needs for a long time. Custom metal beds are obviously going to be a little bit more expensive than cheaper beds, but they’re going to save you money in the long run; they’re also going to look great.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Custom iron bed frames look great, but they can also help you save money. The average UK citizen moves eight times in his or her life. That’s a lot of moving, and that’s a lot of stress on your furniture. Every time you move your cheap furniture, it goes through a pretty considerable amount of stress. If you tried to move a cheap wooden or pressboard bed, it probably fell apart. The metal bed frames that fold up easily tend to get a little looser and little less stable every time you have to move them. Eventually, they’ll need to be replaced. If you move eight times in your life, and replace your bed every time, you’ll be paying a lot of money for cheap beds. However, if you invest in a great iron frame, you won’t have to replace your bed. Iron is a great material that is strong and reliable; you only need to protect it from rusting, which is easy to do with a little bit of paint. As long as the bed frame stays painted, it won’t rust, and it will last indefinitely.

There are iron beds sitting in museums around the world that are hundreds of years old. In fact, there are classic iron beds in many different people’s homes that are hundreds of years old. They’re still in daily use as beds and will last for much longer.

They’re Going to Look Great

In addition to being incredibly durable, iron beds are great-looking. When you have a custom handmade bed, no one will have a bed that is like yours. Every night, you’ll get to sleep on a piece of art. That’s why so many beds in castles, manors, and estates around the UK are iron. Iron can be heated, bent, and shaped much like any other material. However, when it cools, it is incredibly strong, which is why it’s so great for making furniture.

Whether you’re buying a bed for yourself to last for generations or buying someone a gift, a metal bed is a great choice. They’re durable and attractive and will stay that way for years.

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