Some Garden Lingo Which Every Keen Gardener is Aware of


For most novice gardeners, gardening lingo like perennial, shrub or pruning, won’t really mean much.  And yet, as all of you avid gardeners out there are well aware, such lingo is put to good use in places such as gardening centres to describe plants, tools and good garden care.

Below are terminologies which you have probably heard before, but never really knew what they meant:


What is known as tree “lopping” is trimming large parts of a tree and involves the removal of branches or limbs, and trunk shortening. Tree lopping is certainly a part of the landscaping procedure, where a lopper’s job is to reshape any existing trees so that they blend in nicely with the layout of the landscape.


This is similar to lopping but on a minor scale and involves the cutting off of smaller leaves and/or branches. The reasons for pruning include:

  • The removal of deadwood
  • Form shaping
  • Cultivating health

All of which help to reduce any risks of damage from falling branches, the preparation of nursery specimens for transplanting, and greatly increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits.

Pruning also removes any:

  • Diseased
  • Damaged
  • Dead
  • Non-productive

And other unwanted tissue from crop and landscape plants.


What is called” “landscaping” is the changing of an environment somewhere in order to make it look a certain way. This typically leans towards gardening, but landscaping can also include building walls and other features.

  • There are many reasons why landscaping is so popular in beautiful Australia, which vary from an innate desire to make an area look its very best, to making somewhere functional for reasons of recreation, something which tree arborists in Sydney are well aware of.


Everybody and their dog have heard of organic by now, but what does it really mean? Well, organic gardening means using gardening methods minus any of those nasty chemical pesticides, fertilisers or other unnatural additives. Organic gardening relies on Earth’s natural plant-derived ways of pest control and readies the soil for optimum production, instead of using a fertiliser with awful chemical additives. (What would our ancestors think?!)

  • Compost or manure from organically raised animals is also put to great use to improve a soil’s condition, keeping it as Mother Nature wished.

Stump Removal

Well, this one’s a no brainer! After cutting down a tree, what do you have left? Stumps are an eyesore and can also be a danger in your garden, so it’s in your very best interest to get it taken out.

  • Stumps can also cause new tree growth, leach minerals from other trees and plants and invite insects galore. They also take up valuable space, so get that stump dumped!

Now that wasn’t Difficult was it?!

Now you are aware of more gardening lingo, why not get out there and learn some more?

Gardening is not only ideal for improving your mental and physical health, it’s known as the happiest type of work out there!

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