Sure Signs That Your Boiler Needs Your Immediate Attention


There comes a time in most people’s lives when they need to get new boilers for their homes. In most cases, the original boiler becomes overworked, it wasn’t properly maintained, or it just lived out its long life. When this happens, you must call in the professionals immediately. If you’re not sure what to look for, keep reading to learn the signs of a faulty boiler.

Strange Smells

If at any time you smell strange odours such as gas, then you must call in the experts as soon as possible. Not only does this mean that your boiler is failing but it’s also an extremely dangerous situation for you and your loved ones.

Loud Noises

One of the most obvious signs of a failing boiler is loud noises. If your boiler is banging or you hear popping noises, make sure to look for emergency boiler repairs in Wimbledon as soon as possible.


If you begin to see puddles of water near your boiler, then call the professionals immediately. Not only does this mean that your boiler needs replacing but it could also lead to the following things:

  • You’ll waste a significant amount of water.
  • Your heating will be insufficient, costing you more money.

If you notice any of these signs, make sure to pick up the phone to have a company that does boiler repairs come out to your home. Not only will it save you money in the long run but it could potentially save your life as well.



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