The Alluring Appeal of a Fire in a Hearth or Wood-Burning Stove


Most people who think of a cosy home automatically envision sitting before a hearth or wood-burning stove. They do not need to worry about a blowing snow or the cold outside as the fire serves as a source of security. That is why you need to make sure that you have a good stock of fuel whether you burn smokeless coals or premium firewood. Here is a review of 10 Log Burners to get you started.

In fact, when you choose the right supplier, you can have your firewood cut according to your specifications. That way, you can have just the right cut of wood on hand when you need to warm your dwelling on a cold winter’s day.

A Renewable Source of Energy

One thing that is nice about having access to firewood in Kettering is the fact that wood is considered a renewable energy source. The energy in wood comes from the sun promoting the growth of trees. When you use wood as your heating source, you do not have to worry about having heat during a power failure. Instead, you will continue to stay warm and safe.

As a result, using firewood reduces your utility consumption. In fact, firewood is considered the best fuel to use for domestic heating purposes. Moreover, heating with firewood proves to be six times more beneficial than using electricity and five times more advantageous than using oil.

Support Your Community’s Economy

The radiant heat that is emitted from a hearth or wood-burning stove warms a room better too. That is why you feel so cosy when you are burning wood. By purchasing the firewood from a local company, you can also support your community’s economy.

You will not contribute to global warming when you burn firewood. That is because wood is carbon-neutral. Therefore, the appeal of a fire in a hearth or wood-burning stove is greatly felt on a cold winter’s day.

Curl up and Relax

Even if you rely to some degree on electricity, oil, or gas, your use of firewood gives you added flexibility. If you want to increase the comfort level in your home and do so in a sustainable way, burning wood in a fireplace or a wood-burning stove will give you an edge that makes you want to just curl up and relax.

If you obtain your firewood from a local supplier, set up local service. Review the types of firewood that the supplier provides. You can heat your home in the traditional way, provided that you have a supply of good-quality logs. Remember that logs that are unseasoned have a high moisture content and will burn poorly. They also emit a great deal of smoke. Naturally, that is not what you want to achieve when using this fuel source.

Logs that are quality logs are usually kiln-dried, so the moisture content is around 20%. This type of log easily burns bright and hot for a long time. The carbon dioxide that is emitted from these logs is also absorbed by any plants. Therefore, do your part ecologically and environmentally. Check out the selection of quality firewood that is available in your local area.

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