The Basics of Guttering


Your roof protects your home from water, sunlight, the elements, and practically anything else. It must be kept in good condition and well-maintained. That means replacing damaged shingles or panels. Also, you must have the soffits and fascias inspected from time to time. If your roof is going to leak, it will probably leak at the soffits and fascias. These are the joints that hold the roof together and are also the weakest points. However, it’s also important to keep an eye on your gutters.


The gutters are very important because they catch water and direct it safely away. Gutter repair is one of the most common roofing services in Bristol.

  • Gutter repair is common because water flows into the gutters and also carries debris, which can eventually clog your gutters.
  • Since gutters collect water and carries it away, they can help protect your soffits and fascias from leaking.
  • Gutters can also be used to preserve water for other purposes.

Preserving Water

If you have a garden or are trying to conserve water when washing your car, you could use your gutters to catch the water. Investing in a rain barrel is one practical method. The downpipe from the gutter will flow into a rain barrel designed to catch the water. The barrel will also prevent insects from infesting your water, as well as prevent evaporation. This is an excellent and cost-effective way to preserve water for later use, not to mention reduce your bill.

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