The Many Jobs of Tree Surgeons


Any time that a homeowner needs to have a tree removed from his or her property or trimmed, he or she will need to call a reputable company to ensure that not only is the tree safely taken down but that there is no other damage to the property. While a dead tree that needs to be trimmed or is compromising the safety of your home or other structure is the main reason why most people will call a tree surgeon for help, there are a number of other services that these experts provide.

Additional Services

While most tree surgeons do spend a lot of time in trees, cutting down overhanging limbs, and making sure that the tree will not fall on a home, they are great to call if you have other needs in your yard. Some of the other services that they commonly provide include:

  • Stump grinding to remove dangerous and unsightly stumps on your property
  • Garden maintenance to keep your home looking the best it can
  • Hedge trimming, especially on high hedges that may be otherwise difficult to keep trimmed

What to Look for

It is important when hiring Hertford tree surgeons that you only work with a company that is licensed to perform work in your area and has the necessary insurance to cover any damage that may occur while they are on your property. Look for property insurance as well as medical insurance.

A great tree surgeon can change the appearance of your property safely and help you create a yard that you love.


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