Tips To Protect Double Glazed Units From Mist-Causing Culprits


Perfectly installed doors or windows with two glass panes; known as the double glazed units are replacing the old types of pieces. Large numbers of people across the globe prefer setting up these units that have their unique advantages. We come across misted double glazed units where signs of clouds give shabby looks that could cause health issues too.

Reasons behind clouds – The very first culprit behind mist on the double glazed units is their poor installation. Many guys buy substandard materials for the windows or doors that start deteriorating within few months. Mist and moisture affect the windows or the doors in adverse manners. Imperfect fitting is also one of the major reasons behind clouds on the doors or windows. Blown windows within months of their installation are the burning examples. Other solid reason behind misted double glazed units could be choosing the ineffective and harsh chemical products for cleaning purposes. Cleaning a window or door is a tiring process. Many housewives or other persons do not clean the windows in perfect manners that cause them to become misty or cloudy. Inclement weathers like an extreme chill or hot seasons could also cause problems like contraction and expansion. It could lead to broken seals because of poor sealing materials. Age could also cause mist as we see that the older units are more prone to excessive moisture.

Ill effects of mist – Windows or doors since affected with mist could lead to their fast deterioration and other problems. Broken or faulty seals are also the consequences of moisture that starts accumulating between the double glazed units. Condensation causes the windows or the doors becoming cloudy, misty or ‘blown’.

Preventive steps – Why waste our hard earned money for the windows to be affected by mist and extreme moisture when we can maintain them wisely. It is recommended to purchase the double glazed units that are made from quality and durable materials. Prefer to buy these units from reliable companies that focus on your satisfaction and not on their own gains. The seals must be maintained well by applying good sealers. Get the seals repaired perfectly before the panes could get blown or become misty. Start the cleaning process from top to the bottom and make use of a soft cloth. Hold it gently, make it wet and squeeze well in warm water mixed with white vinegar. Windows and doors with double glazing can be made to look sparkling for prolonged periods by using quality detergents and gentle soaps etc. Why not study the window maintenance articles suggested by prominent writers or the guidelines by the manufacturer of cleaning materials. Be wise to choose the window installing company that has since been recommended by large numbers of clients. They are the right people to suggest world-renowned window / door manufacturers with a big reputation in the field of double glazed units.

Remove the misted glass panes alone; replace them with new pieces instead of the entire misted double glazed units that could burden your pocket in a big way.

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