Top Trends in Bathroom Refurbishments Showcase Water-Saving Hardware


When you schedule a bathroom upgrade in your home, you will not only improve the bathroom’s appearance but will also save money on utilities. That is because some of the trending accessories used in bathroom remodels are fixtures that save water.

Take a Look at the New Showerhead Offerings

Therefore, if you are planning a bathroom remodel, you will soon discover that the bathroom fixtures that are now being touted will provide savings on utilities. If you are similar to most Australian homeowners, you want to feel as though you are taking an extravagant shower without using a large volume of water. This can be facilitated by the showerheads that are featured for use today.

Some of the Featured Amenities

Top trends feature taps that limit the rate of water flow. Taps also sport sensors that reduce any mistakes with respect to activation. As indicated, the technology used for showerheads make it possible for the user to manage the droplet size, velocity, and spray coverage, giving the illusion of full-scale luxury.

Relax to the Sound of Calming Tunes

Therefore, bathroom renovations in Brighton feature technology that enhances the sensory experience of taking a shower or bath. In fact, the aforementioned showerheads have advanced to the point that you can adapt the water temperature and pressure as you wish. Not only that, but built-in stereo systems are currently being installed that send calming melodies through the walls. Therefore, taking a bath or shower turns into a sensory type of experience.

The Emphasis Is on Grey

Whilst the use of white is still popular in most bathroom upgrades, grey is another colour that is gaining the notice of homeowners. In fact, grey is now used in contemporary bathrooms as it pops against a backdrop of white. In addition, grey tiling is being used to hide stains or demarcations. That way, you can keep the look of your bathroom both pristine and modern at the same time.

Natural and Industrial Tile Backdrops

Tile backdrops are also making a wave when it comes to trending bathroom designs. Nature-inspired artwork is being used to add decorative one-of-a-kind accents. Some of the popular creations include cherry blossoms or bamboo images, either of which inspire a more spa-like atmosphere. Tiles made of metal are also considered on trend. A natural and industrial appearance is achieved by mixing ceramic with metallic elements.

A More Minimalist Look and Feel

If you desire a minimalist look, you will not be disappointed by the current trends in bathroom designs. To underscore the look, an increasing number of homeowners are opting for sliding panels made of wood to hide toilets. The structure is aesthetic and practical as its can also be used for seating. Revolving cabinets are being featured too. When closed, the cabinetry looks barely noticeable. You only need to turn a cabinet 180 degrees in order to open it.

Therefore, a bath upgrade can transform a bathroom into a sanctuary. Builders work closely with clients to customise the renovation, keeping the cost within a specified range. This type of commitment also benefits the homeowner financially.


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