What Sort Of Floor Covering Should You Get?


Whether you run a business, or you’re renovating your home, choosing the right floor covering is essential. There are all sorts of floor coverings for all sorts of purposes these days, but what should you look at investing in and what are the benefits of each type of covering?

From Classic to Modern

Did you know that the best carpets company in Penzance can also provide more than just carpets? Though carpet remains the popular choice for many people, the good news is that there are other choices that provide other benefits.

Here are some good floor covering choices that you might want to consider:

  • Vinyl tiles: If you remember the poor quality vinyl tiles from many years ago, the good news is that modern vinyl tiling is much more durable, scuff proof, easy to lay, and contains no harmful chemicals. They are ideal for either homes or businesses where there is high foot traffic.
  • Rubber: Though rubber tiles may not be great for a home, they can provide extra grip and durability in workplaces. They are easy to install, can easily be replaced one tile at a time, and come in a range of colours.
  • Wood: Floating wooden flooring is really popular these days for very good reason. It has the classic look of timber flooring from yesteryear, has a natural finish, and is very durable.

Plenty of Floor Choices

Whether you want the warmth of carpet or the modern look of vinyl tiles for your office, there are so many choices available now.



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