What To Do If Your Expensive Rug Or Carpet Is Stained



Rugs and carpets that line the floors of any home add not just a touch of class and character, but also a touch of warmth. There’s nothing quite like the long lush fibres of a beloved rug or carpet to make the toes curl and make everything feel like home. The biggest problem is, of course, that rugs and carpets will also become stained and degraded over time, making them look flat and lifeless.

How Is the Health of Your Carpet or Rug?

Over time, every carpet or rug will start to look like they have seen better days. Here’s how every rug or carpet becomes damaged:

  • Heavy foot traffic flattens and damages fibres over time.
  • Food and drink stains can be difficult to remove, and may even affect colours and dyes of the carpet itself.
  • Dust and organic debris lodges in the deep fibres of the rug or carpet, further damaging the structure, and potentially causing foul odours.

If your rug or carpet has definitely seen better days, the good news is that a company that specialises in expert rug restoration in London can definitely help restore it to its former glory.

Making Your Rug or Carpet Look Like New Again

By using special cleaning chemicals that are friendly to rug and carpet fibres, skill, and even specific colour dyes, an expert cleaning team can get rid of food and drink stains, refresh carpet and rug fibres, and make them look like new again.

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