Your Plumbing and Heating System Might Be Weighing Down Your Utility Bills


Contrary to popular belief, plumbing can be traced back as far 2700 BC when the Indus Valley civilisations began using soil and clay-like materials to establish crude pipe networks throughout urban areas, a remarkable invention for the time.

However, we now rely on pipe networks, sinks, toilets, and other integral fixtures on a daily basis, which is why it’s so important to understand how an inefficient plumbing system impacts your utility expenditures.

Outmoded Plumbing and Heating Implements Are Wasteful

If you’ve avoided the integral task of upgrading your on-site pipework and ventilation appliances for many years on end, you’ll inevitably run in to a host of issues:

  • According to a 2017 plumbing analysis, old-fashioned or faulty toilets generally use between twenty-five to fifty litres per flush whereas an upgraded, low-flow lavatory system utilises only about six litres per flush, which means that a new-age toilet can essentially pay for itself over time.
  • Installing a new dishwasher or washing machine can decrease your water consumption by anywhere from 15% to 40% and even more if you consistently utilise these appliances multiple times per week.
  • Most properties in the UK feature boilers and ventilation systems that are more than 12 years old but it’s important to note that modernised heating appliances can slash your monthly energy expenditures by up to 50% during the wintertime.

As such, it’s in your best interests to partner with one of the reliable plumbing services in Bexhill-on-Sea and schedule an inspection of your on-site systems, particularly if you’ve observed an alarming increase with regard to your utility bills.

Your Local Specialists Can Provide a Cost-Effective Suite of Services

No matter the size of your property or the size of your pocketbook, your neighbourhood plumbing experts will be able to tailor a fiscally conservative plan to address your entire plumbing and heating grid. Be sure to book a personalised assessment sooner rather than later.


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